Last Hit Reloaded by Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare

Picking up straight from the end of book two, we find Nick and Daisy trying to blend into society and attempting to build their life in America.

 It was endearing to see this pair try to deal with the social niceties of life. Trying their hardest to fit into a norm that is so far from what they have previously known and to adapt to the life they have now.

Friends are hard to come by as Daisy is discovering , she is being dealt a wide berth by the others at college but understanding why is playing on her mind?  But when she eventually finds someone willing to talk to her, she discovers that getting a friend was the easy part, learning to trust is even harder.

But when a new friend arouses suspicion, Nick is determined to find out what their story is. He is super alert when it comes to the fact that Daisy may be even in the slightest of danger and he will stop at nothing to protect her. But his addiction and determination may just have brought trouble to their door and put her in their line of fire.

Daisy is devoted to Nick, it is so sweet that this girl has the love of a guy that will stop at nothing to protect her.

If you loved Nick and Daisy previously you will adore this chance to catch up with them again, the story is an absolute winner, beautifully told with fantastic dialogue and characters and the most exquisite attention to detail.

This peek behind the HEA is worth every minute you will spend reading it.