Desire After Dark by Marie Force

So, I haven’t read any of this series but the blurb said that I would be able to read this as a standalone and on this occasion I am happy to say that the author got that right because I found the book fairly easy to follow but and it is a big but I personally think I lost out on a lot of back history and depth by not being up date with previous events.

I got stuck in but ended up wondering who half the folks mentioned were?

So what about this story, well it was all about Erin and Tobias (aka as Slim)

Erin and Tobias have history; they were almost a couple from the get-go due to the fact that they had started to get to know each other in a previous book. I wasn’t sure initially how I felt about the fact that I was in on the tail end of them getting to know each other but I will admit that the author was very clever, because despite my initial hesitation I was soon on track and desperate to see where they were heading.

The story was sweet, it was well written and the premise was really interesting but I got side-tracked by some of the other characters and at times the fact that I felt like I was missing chunks of the story was frustrating, guess I will just have to exercise my one click finger and start at the beginning.

Topic: Desire After Dark by Marie Force

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