Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

Book One in the Maddox Brothers Series

Jamie McGuire has always had her hands full with the phenomenon that is Travis Maddox but bringing forward his smoking hot brothers to play, may just be a stroke of genius.

Not only do we get more of this insanely alpha family but we continue to get more of the man Travis himself (albeit in small doses but hell, who’s counting)

As many other reviewers have stated – there is a lot to love about the Maddox boys and after Travis had melted my heart, I must admit I approached Trenton with more than a little trepidation – not that I doubted the book would be amazing because I knew it would but it sort of felt like I was being unfaithful to Travis but wanting to get to know his brother!

Trenton was smooth, confident, patient and proud everything I expected him to be, oh and did I forget to say – seriously HOT!!

Spending time with Trenton was never going to be just plutonic but Cami makes it clear that she has a boyfriend and Trenton is “content” to be friends – although he does like to play dirty – the introduction of Olivia by Trenton to Cami was pure genius! Their friendship was never going to easy but the whole time they have been growing up – Cami had steered away from the Maddox boys – one of the few who never fell victim to the charm, but that is not to say that she hasn’t secretly wished to be one of those who had on numerous occasions.

When Trenton establishes himself in her life – he is like a dog with a bone – he refuses to let go. One way or another this tatted up goliath has bigger plans for the two of them and he has harboured them for more years than he is prepared to admit – for the time being!

Those Maddox boys know how to get their woman – patience is obviously something they have inherited from their mother. Falling in love is not something any of them seem to do easily but when they do, it is forever – failure is not an option.

Of all his qualities, I have to say that I found the fact that he has just about the sweetest nature possible – he is written in such a way as you want to be his best friend – you want to know what he is really like and more to the point you NEED him to be in your life – this is one of life’s good guys!

Cami’s “boyfriend” TJ is a mysterious soul and has entrusted her with a secret that just might negate the feelings that Trenton has for her but worrying about that doesn’t deter from the fact that what is between her and Trenton has a life force of its own and is determine to have its way at all costs. When feelings are divulged – can this pair really make it work? Well what a Maddox boy wants he gets – and Trenton has no intension of bucking that trend.

Cami was a pleasure to read, a strong forthright woman who stood her ground and tried to do the right thing.

But her heart belongs to one man and he has just made his move!

This book takes place at the same time as Beautiful Oblivion and so we get to see bits and pieces for Travis (and Abby) throughout the story and from an outside perspective it was fascinating. There are also a few additional characters that I am sure we will be hearing more from in the subsequent books.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, Jamie McGuire’s writing style is truly captivating and in this group of characters, she has bestowed a family to us that it is impossible not to fall in love with.

The end of the novel will leave you scratching you head and praying that someone finds a way to speed up time – because the next Maddox brother can’t arrive soon enough!!

Rating – Perfect !!!