If You Were Mine

by Melanie Harlow

Looking for a romantic read, then look no further, this is romance with a capital “R”, I wade through so many books that at times I sometimes think that my soul is wizened to it all but this kick started everything good in my day and made my heart happy!

The story was beautifully romantic and so sweet that I just fell headlong into each and every page.

Claire was a fabulous woman but not wanting to be left sitting with the singles that she didn’t know at a wedding she was going to she took the bold step to find herself a plus one for the day, by any means. After all, no boyfriend would only mean she would spend the day trying to explain where her hot fella was – you see she had already elaborated more than she should when it comes to her social life and everyone was expecting to see her handsome guy right by her side, so with time ticking away, Claire grabbed the bull by the horns and ordered herself a date!

Now I am all for being able to do just about anything online but this woman hit the jackpot because Theo was everything she could have possibly have wanted and more and in the whole scheme of things that was the major problem, because despite the fact that they both felt the pull of more than just a little pretence, when push came to shove, Theo just didn’t feel that he deserved a woman like Claire. She was the sort of woman that a good guy got, the sort that deserved hearts and flowers and the sort of woman that for a guy like him was only ever going to out of reach…. well I say poppycock!

I loved the connection between the two of them, the fact that Claire was so supportive and that she was willing to try and show Theo that love didn’t know the boundaries that he thought it did, well not her love for him anyway. She was completely unconditional with him and I think it was that gentle reassurance that gave him the courage to face up to what he wanted in life and to accept that the guy he thought he was, well that guy wasn’t the same guy that others saw, they saw the real deal, he just had to accept it for himself.

Topic: If You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow

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