Savor by Xavier Neal

All good things come to an end and this is the final instalment in Logan and Maxx’s tale but there is more to come from the other characters, so that is a small crumb of comfort as I try to console myself with the fact that two of my favourite characters from 2014 have stopped speaking to me.

Xavier Neal you have addled my brain and provided me with characters that now feel more like siblings than any normal person should consider.

I have absolutely adored this series and more over I am completely in love with not only Logan Kellar but also the most reader inclusive writing style that I have come across and one that has me totally devoted!!!

Logan has his professional contract and Maxx is determined to let him go and fulfil his dream, despite the fact that he is leaving her behind and unbeknown to him pregnant.

Why she didn’t tell him puzzled me to begin with but then I thought about for a while, chatting to Maxx in my head (as you do) she made me see that she really did have Logan’s best interest at heart, she wanted him to have what he had longed for all his life and not to have any regret.

But just as with many of the situations they have found themselves in, when she heads to Vegas to watch his first fight and to tell him that they are pregnant, things do not go as planned and  she returns home, more alone than ever and with little prospect of the bridge to Logan ever being mended.

Dean comes into his own in this book, he really could be Logan re-incarnated! How on earth they found each other beguiles me- Logan and his mini me – hysterical!

The only person that can remedy this situation is Logan and the boy does good, he does what he has to do and sets his family apart from his career, making the changes necessary and making Maxx his forever.

I defy you – yes, honestly I absolutely defy you not to sob when he proposes – he is just EPIC!! #ilovelogankellar

I have read hundreds of books and have a list of favourites that is as long as my arm and a TBR list that I will never ever finish but Xavier Neal is now firmly on my go to author’s list and Logan Kellar will always be one of my top 10 book boyfriends, the series is simply fantastic- read it!!!