by Madison Collins



3.5 stars - and that is nothing to do with the quality of the writing because it was well written, it was just too short.
This needed to be more. It was destined to be longer, the characters deserved longer and the author should have listened to the characters as they told their story because if she had, I am certain she would have had an absolutely fantastic book on her hands because what we got was great, there just wasn’t enough of it and that is a shame.
I have a real soft spot for a fighter and especially those of the MMA persuasion, usually the road to the octagon is littered with heartache and misunderstanding but they are musclebound good guys who exercise control in everything they do ( am I over thinking the role- yep perhaps!)
So when I read the blurb I was a shoe in – no stopping me and I have to say I was hooked on the story early on – Lily has MMA in her blood, her father runs a gym and her brother was an involved until injury forced him out of the sport. Seeing what that did to him leaves her reluctant to follow her heart and take a chance with the local hero – Cage Garrett.
Cage gets where she is coming from, he understands her reticence but that doesn’t help him when she is all he thinks about, all he has thought about for the last two years. Patience is a virtue man but dear lord get on with it!
I was whooping when the pair of them eventually got their act together, dang Tripp needed and medal for final getting the two of them to crack on!
But one night was never going to be enough.
Did I get the angst of their connection, nope? Did I get the romance of their courtship, nope? Did I get the frustration of what they had missed, nope? – it all skimmed past me and I wanted so much more.
I wanted it all and I wanted it all yesterday – hell if I was a toddler I would be stamping my feet and screaming-gimme, gimme, gimmee!!!!!
PLEASE do these guys a favour and give them a re-write, a chance to tell us their whole story!!
The book is well written and the characters are great they have the potential to be super – so I implore the author to give them some time and to show us what remains hidden.