Guiding Fate by Tamra Lassiter

This is clever easy read and it is one that you will really enjoy once you get into it.

I didn’t know that it was part of a series when I initially picked it up but having finished it I can honestly say that it is easily read as a standalone but having finished it I will be returning to the previous books in the series as soon as I have a free weekend.

I love the main characters in the story but it was so much more than just them, the whole ensemble cast of characters, made for what I can only say was a real treat. Ladies wait till you get a load of Granny, I want to be like her when I am older, she’s a scream.

Life isn’t actually easy for either Melanie or Will, on their own they are battling their own demons and strife but will facing their troubles together mean that the burden is eased or is that a complication that neither of them need?

Melanie is raising her son Michael alone and while it is far from easy, add in the usual single parent strife of trying to hold down a job and deal with and ex and it is more than enough to have on your plate every day.

Will on the other hand is battling demons that hide in the shadows of his brain, he is suffering from PTSD, the result of the things he experienced while serving overseas with the Marines. But can he see that if he gives not only himself but those around him the opportunity that he may just turn that corner to a happier place.

They are almost shoe-horned together when a couple of well-meaning locals take it upon themselves to show them that together they may just be the solution they’re both looking for, and it has spectacular results, not only for Will and Melanie but also for her son Michael, because the friendship that Will and Michael forge is amazing.

I loved the fact that Will was able to empower Melanie, he encouraged her in every way and gave her so much confidence, and she provided him with the emotional support that he needed.

The story is beautiful. It covers a lot of bases but it does it all with a delicate touch and sensitive prose.

Topic: Guiding Fate by Tamra Lassiter

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