Defining Love- Vol 1, by Elizabeth Reyes

I simply adore Elizabeth Reyes, is definitely one of my favourite author, so when the hype about this one bubbled my way I have to say that my interest was most definitely piqued!

The book is Henrietta’s (Henri) and Aaron’s story and what a journey it takes you on. The outset of the book, really does set the groundwork for the remaining two thirds of their tale but the detail is invaluable and the back history of this pair is far from straight forward.

Henri left a troubled past behind and stepped up to take care of herself at the tender age of just nineteen years of age but despite the fact that she is in a relationship, the minute she meets the glorious firefighter Aaron, the earth moves for the both and the norm that they are both living are suddenly looking rather shaky.

Aaron has been on a relationship that is doing no more than treading water for the past decade and although she is good woman, there is little left that sparks either the imagination of the sex drive of this handsome if slightly complacent man.

Henri’s life very much dictates the path that she is willing to tread towards her future but can she step away from the norm and take a chance on the possibilities that have just opened up before her?

Elizabeth Reyes does many things perfectly well and one of them is the way she can put the true dynamics of family to the test. Her penmanship is simply staggering. I love the fact that the characters and their foibles are given a forum in which to be fully exposed and in which we can see the dilemma’s as they begin to surface.

Sometimes there is no explanation for the way you react to someone and this is very much the case for Henri and Aaron.