Souls ReAligned

by Tricia Daniels


I have loved reading this the second book in this series and the reason being is because of the magnificence that is Ethan O'Connell.

I felt as though Olivia has made a huge leap forward in this story, she was dealing with her issues and better equipped or should I say prepared to handle her relationship with Ethan., up until a point because everyone has a breaking point and I am concerned that Olivia may be hurtling towards hers!

Although how exactly you handle a man like Ethan I have no idea, he is just so Ahhhh!!!

He is so loving yet so demanding, he is so completely committed to Olivia that it is enough to break your heart but he is so alpha at times you will want to slap him upside the head!

I loved the confusion that he brought to me, the fact that he not only kept me guessing but that he actually made my heart swoon, cocky sod!

He was everything you want in a gentleman with a little bit of bad guy thrown into the mix, just to show you that what you want and what you need are not always the same.

A fantastic follow up in the series and a definite no brainer when it comes to one-clicking book 3 which I hope is due really soon!!!