Sexy Six

by Ahren Sanders

A college fling that ended before it had even began if truth be told, circumstances tearing them apart before they had the opportunity to get to know each other but they both knew, could both feel the connection that could have been, the connection that unbeknown to them would still be there two years down the line.

They moved on after Grace returned home but a lot can happen in two years and Nick hasn’t let the grass grown under his feet, he is everything he wanted to be and probably a little bit of something he didn’t want but his prowess on the field affords him the luxury of being the man that others expect of him off the pitch, I wondered what and who he would have been had the two of them had the time that they deserved?

Two years in sport is a lifetime but when he sees her again it was like being catapulted back all those years, the snap was still there and it was felt by the pair of them. Time hadn’t dulled the connection they felt, it had only denied them the opportunity to explore it and that was something they were both happy to rectify as soon as possible.

I say as soon as possible but in reality, they took things slowly, well aware of the issues that surrounded them not only being together but also staying together.

As much as I wanted everything to be smooth sailing, it would have been deliciously sweet had it been that, and that alone. This couple were more than that, they had each-others back for the most part but when Grace is handed the opportunity to boost her career, they faced an uncertainty of their own making. They should have been able to deal with what the opportunity meant for the two of them but their conversations were too emotionally charged and decisions that were made by them both resulted in more angst and attitude than was honestly necessary.

Could they mend the hurt they put their hearts through and survive the obstacles that seemed to be stacking up against them? Or would they time together come to an all to sudden end?

There were elements of the story that were truly touching and other points where I just wanted to bang their heads together and tell them to grow up but this was a couple that needed to learn and feel their way to a happy ending together…I was praying that they would make it all the way!

A couple that delivered a fabulous relationship, emotionally charged and deeply sensitive and sensual, joined on their journey by a superb cast of secondary characters, this is a one-click must!

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