Resentment by Nicole London

For a first novel I have to say that that the author has done an amazing job – this is a very accomplished book.

Mia is in college happily getting on with what she needs to in order to graduate. Dean is also in college but that is where the similarity ends.

But Dean has his eye on Mia, he has had a bit of a crush going on for a while now but since Mia isn’t interested he knows that he needs to come up with a plan to change her mind.

Devious Dean decides that if he wants to get to spend some time with Mia, he will have to appeal to her on and academic level – so bingo – tutoring it is!

His grades are slipping but it is more important for him to get time with Mia.

Time alone on a one to one basis changes the two of them, they get to learn more about who they really are and they have more in common that I think either of them had anticipated.

Neither of them had happy home lives, which they share or at least to a point they do, Dean keeps some of his secrets to himself.

I was thrilled when they started to take steps towards a proper relationship, in!!

But when it all went belly up – I had the most gormless look on my face …WTF. Honestly what the heck was Dean playing at!!!

So move on a decade and Mia is moving in with her brother in Portland, one tiny fly in that particular ointment… Eric has a roomie – none other than Dean… oh Ii sense some fireworks> But then again that is after I asked myself why her brother would share a house with the person that broke his sisters heart?

Will she move in? Will they talk about what happened? Or will she just kill him in his sleep?

I think things are about to get very interesting.

Topic: Resentment by Nicole London

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