Nico by JB Hartnett

Nico - The Leaves Series by J.B Hartnett

Book 3 of this simply breathtaking series and it rendered me speechless - there is only one work that adequately sums this up and that quite simply is - STUNNING!!!!.

Nicolas (Nico) Grant is a decent man at heart but that hasn't stopped him being an out and out manwhore for most of his adult life.

We were introduced to Nico in the first book of this series( Inky) - but in this book we get to undertsand what makes him tick - what makes him do the things he does and why he feels compelled to help the women he does in taking back their lives. When a woman walks into his tattoo shop he does more than just give them a tattoo - he listens, he shows empathy, sympathy and compassion. He hears and sees things that are devistating to these women but he shares their pain and carries it with them.Rape,Spousal Abuse,Miscarriage and even Cancer - whatever it is Nico is the go to man when these women just want to feel like they have control of their lives again.Memories of events one night when he was just 7 years old, moulded him into what he is now and determined his need to never turn his back on a woman who needed his help.

Because of his dedication to his "birds" - the name he gives to the women he helps - Nico is certain that he is destined to be alone - his explanation is heartbreaking to hear - "It takes everything out of me. I can't have relationships because I have nothing left to give. I can't do it"

One night stands are the staple in Nico's life - that is until Lark.

Lark has her own issues- some more complicated than others but she ploughs on through lifemaking the very best of what she has. But is she looking for love -probably not but isn't that when it catches us all - when we least expect it.

Aquaintances through Inky and Cole - the relationship between Nico and Lark develops steadily and Nico has his hands full getting how he feels across to her but once they hit the ground running - they are definately All In.

Nico is most definately a love story and it is one that will attach itself to your heart and refuse to let go. It will burrow its way into your soul and claim it.

The story will open you to situations that you might find difficult but bear with it - you will benefit in the end.

At some points the story is dark and overwhelming but overall it is one of courage - both Nico's and Lark's but also those of his "birds". Life is a fight for all - some more than otehrs but with the help of others everything can be overcome - all it takes is the courage to take the first step and Nico is the first step.

It was good to catch up with Inky and Cole again and to see the changes that happen to Zack in his life. It ws also great to be introduced to Frodo - I can't wait to read his story!

The Epilogue is definately a thing of beauty- round the story up perfectly.

JB Harnett has this writting lark down to a fine art and this is her exhibiting her craft at its finest - definately a contender for my book of the year!

Rating 5 out of 5 ( worthy of every single one)