Crown Jewels

by Ella James

This is only the second book I have read from this author and I think that having very little to compare this too helped, because I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

I read the blurb and was sure that it was for me, it made all the right noises but half way through I started to think that I was being drowned by the content, there is so much going on that at times it was a sensory overload almost.

I liked the fact that the author had taken an old fashioned fairy tale almost and brought it completely up to date, now I know there are no babies in fairy tales but what I mean is the fact that what little girl hasn’t dreamt of meeting her Prince Charming one day…only for Lucy she didn’t have to wait any longer, she had not only met her Prince but she had also left him because one thing Prince Liam wasn’t, was a one girl type of guy so it would seem.

The references to social media and the fact that press just couldn’t get enough of Liam and what he was doing wasn’t lost this side of the pond, it’s an all too familiar tale– Liam lived a playboy lifestyle and relished every moment, right up until the minute his focus was given a swift shake and he had bigger things to handle…like parenthood!

I liked Lucy, I think! She made me doubt myself which I don’t like, I think I liked her sassy attitude but having broken free for life in the spotlight with her reality TV family, (which is explained in the story) I didn’t understand her being willing to risk being drawn back into it by bedding the Liam in the first place. But once done, the two of them then have to face the consequences.

I loved that Lucy was strong enough to handle him and that she was able to stand her ground and while he initially didn’t always show his best side, when the tide turned he was the man that Lucy needed him to be. Just as she was for him when he needed her the most.

The story itself was charming, it had a light-heartedness about it that was very engaging and it was packed with humour. They weren’t the easiest couple I have ever read and I think they should have been, so that probably says more about me than them.

But what I can’t fault is the quality of the writing, the author is a knock out.

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