Power Exchange by AJ Rose


This is the first book in a series of 3.

Here we meet detective Gavin deGrassi, he is a homicide cop in St Louis. He is assigned with his partner Trent, an absolute womaniser, to a particularly strange and gruesome case. A divorced father is found strung up on a cross and whipped to death, what no one can figure out is why......

When his ex wife reveals he is a dominant, things get interesting for Gavin. He has to go to a local BDSM club to question some of its members and finds he is quite aroused by what he sees. Unhappy at home with a pushy wife and a secret yearning for men, when he finds Trent in bed with his wife it gives him the push he needs to explore another life. 

A psychiatrist assigned to help on the case, Dr Ben Haverson is also in the lifestyle, he and Gavin are instantly attracted and very soon find themselves in a D/s relationship. 

When another victim turns up, killed in the same way, they know they are looking for a serial killer, intent on killing Doms with their own toys, although nothing about what he does to them could be called playful.

Gavin and Ben don't realise it but their relationship has put them in the killers sights, luckily for Gavin the new partner he was assigned after Trent was moved is watching his back. 

Will she reach them in time before they succumb to the evil intent of the Breath Play Killer?

An excellent start to the series, a plot with many twists and turns, the start of a beautiful story for the two men and it will leave you needing to start the next book straight away.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Sue