Hotshot by Ahren Sanders

I am going to keep this short and sweet because pleased don’t think I don’t have a bucket load that I could say …I do but I would lose you along the way, so I will just say that I have been truly spoilt this week I have read some fabulous stories and this is at the top of the pile!

The story spans a decade, Shaw and Bizzy may have in painful circumstances, when they were both touched in different ways by the pain that cancer brings. And try as he might Shaw would have had to have been deaf and blind to have been able to ignore this beautiful young woman as she found her way into not only his brother Nick’s life but also his.

Bizzy may have known how she felt about Shaw but he was in college and she knew that what she felt was going nowhere but a decade later her opportunity arises, Bizzy is ready to ensure that Shaw knows exactly how she feels about him.

Shaw wasn’t expecting to feel what he did when he broke his kiss with Bizzy, I don’t think he actually knew until they broke their kiss that this sharp young woman was going to be so important to him.

You would think that after 10 years the path to being together would be fairly straight forward…not a chance. There are a few twists and turns to be overcome first, last of all an enemy that has more than able to put a spanner in the wheels of their happiness.

The story was lovely; it was easy going with just enough attitude. It had characters that I absolutely adored but also one that I would have liked to have found slumped in an alley!

Topic: Hotshot by Ahren Sanders

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