Fractured Affections by Elizabeth Wills

Ok, so how do I sum this book up, it had most of what I needed but it left me just a little bit confused, I am hanging onto the hope that being the first in a series this was laying the ground work.

What I will say is that I loved the way the story was written, the authors work has a very elegant ebb and flow.

The book centres on Reagan Dalton and Striker.

The three of them grew up together and were practically inseparable but when Reagan reached 18 things changed, Striker stepped up to let her know that he wanted more than the friendship they had had. I liked the fact that the author made Striker wait for Regan, it was nice to see him respecting the boundaries of age. But when he broke her heart not long after I was so mad at him.

Enlisting in the military Striker is sure that he is doing what he needs to do, he has to get himself as far away from Reagan as he can. This si one sort of angst I could have done without. His disappearance sent Reagan plummeting into a black hole of depression, one that she really struggled with.

I liked that the author took on such a sensitive but poignant subject, depression can be so debilitating and this author gave view to the pain that her heartbreak and depression heaped upon her.

Dalton propped her up, he held her up while she struggled to find the strength to stand tall all on her own again and through it all she realised that the man by her side was the man that she wanted to be with forever and months later Dalton and Reagan tie the knot.

We fast forward eleven years and they are parents to three young boys and at first glance everything appears to be perfect, but everything is not what it seems because Dalton is harbouring secrets from Reagan… and that is never a good sign.

Unbeknown to Reagan, Dalton has to leave home on business and has asked Striker to step in and help Reagan take care of the boys while he is out of town.

Now I wasn’t happy at this point – what sort of man does that, invites a man that he knows she has history with, one that hurt her so much back into not only her life but those of his sons?

Something is not right with the whole scenario? But what?

So for two months she has a new houseguest and it is going to be many things, but smooth sailing isn’t one of them.

Unanswered questions get brought to the fore, they have a whole host of emotions to travel through and while there were a plethora of both secrets and lies brought to light, the most prevalent emotion I felt was heartbreak.

The story itself up until the cliff hanger was an engaging read but that cliffy was massive!

Topic: Fractured Affections by Elizabeth Willls

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