Inked on Paper by Nicole Edwards

I opened this safe in the knowledge that my heart was safe in Nicole’s hands. I had an element of trepidation flitting around me as I hunkered down for the duration but that is only because I get so excited at what I will find.

So what did I find without giving anything away and spoiling your fun?

Well this was a touch lighter in my opinion, more romantic, handled with the sensitivity that only this author would have ever been able to bestow upon them and leave my heart and theirs intact.

Life dictated Jake Wild’s situation and while he wasn’t complaining he was where he and his family needed him to be, he was suffering and so was his craft. Deadlines were looming but when you hit the wall, finding your way around it is not an easy task.

Jake‘s writers block wasn’t just a fleeting it was beginning to take root. His character bank was well and truly empty and finding inspiration was leaving him redundant – what the heck is a man to do when his focus becomes diverted – well for Jake it was cleaning and coffee!!!

Presley on the other hand if fighting her own void – this talented woman, has suffered from not only the loss of her father but the betrayal of a man that was never good enough for her. She may be better off without him but that doesn’t mean that her artistic juices are flowing any faster, quite the opposite.

So can two people, so creative and yet struggling to regain their purpose be the flame for each other’s fire?

Will they inspire each other or will their opportunity pass them by?

I enjoyed the book, I loved the setting, the descriptive tones and the private musings, they are cleverly constructive but yet amusingly informative.

I adored Presley’s roommates, although I am not sure she did much of the time, how she kept her frustrations to herself I will never know.

I adored the fact Presley and Jake were so close in many ways but yet so far , that the author gave then the chance to show and tell so to speak, like a proper relationship to test the waters, to see what worked and what didn’t and to make their decisions based on solid a solid footing.

I would love to hear more about this pair but as the book came to a close I was left satisfied that if this is the end of their story, Nicole did them justice.

Would I recommend this – you bet your ass I would!

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