My Unexpected Forever by Heidi McLaughlin



My Unexpected Forever by Heidi McLaughlin


You really should read Book One in this series before you begin this novel – although this tells its own story the characters from all the books intermingle and it is important for you to get to know the back ground to understand the poignancy of this story.

I think I cried at some point in almost every chapter of this book – it is just so heart-breakingly lovely! And the ending is to die for.

I love Harrison – even more than Liam – Harrison really is one of life’s good guys – dealt a shitty hand, he dusted himself off, picked up the pieces and cracked on – what’s that old saying about making lemonade when life deals you lemons – well Harrison didn’t do that – he went one better - because he brings love to a place where there is nothing but sorrow.

A slowly meandering story that gently leads us through the relationship between Harrison and Katelyn.  An old fashioned love story that is all about time, patience and understanding. It shows that there is more to being in love that sex, it’s focus is on the foundation of a family from the broken remnants of Katelyn and her twin daughters lives following the death of Mason and the incorporation of Harrison and his son Quinn.

Single dad Harrison was left with his son when he was just 3 days old, the mother choosing to play no part in the boy’s life (there is more to that story than you would think – but I’ll let you find that out when you read the book!)But what is not to love about a bad boy, tattooed rock god drummer who just happens to be a fabulous single dad – the way he is with Quinn is written beautifully, you must  believe me when I say that every child should know what it is like to be loved that much.

After Liam and Josie get back together Liam sets up home in Beaumont . Harrison as the drummer in the band follows suit and relocated both his son and himself to Beaumont also.

Happy with life, Harrison wasn’t looking for a relationship but something has drawn him to Josie’s best friend Katelyn and her twin daughters Peyton and Elle.

Katelyn is mourning the loss of Mason and struggling to cope emotionally with the girls – Peyton especially had always been a bit of a Daddy’s girl and is seeking that emotional support from Liam. The gentle Mr James, understands that Katelyn needs time and he gives her all the time she needs, despite the fact that he wants her more than anything.

They realise completely that they have something between them when the band goes on tour and they take the kids with them – Katelyn and the girls are on the bus as she has taken up the role of band manager – that doesn’t work out as planned.

Treachery and maliciousness stands in their way and at one point they look to have lost each other because of a carefully orchestrated deception but this pair have more going for them than most – they have 3 kids that want nothing more than to be part of a family and they both have kind hearts that belong to each other.


The last few chapters are just staggeringly beautiful and I defy anyone to read them without shedding a tear!!

This is a beautiful book in every sense of the word and having now read it more than once – I can safely say it got me good second time around – big fat cry ugly tears for this couple!

Rating 5 out of 5


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