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Jonathan is certain that Monica is a perfect submissive – Monica not so much – in fact she is more than a little distraught by the suggestion. The way that the author encompasses this situation is handled with absolute aplomb. Jonathan is surprised that Monica is so offended by him calling her a submissive and Monica is offended by the fact that he used the word to describe her.

She sets about trying to determine what she is willing and unwilling to accept within the field of their sexual escapades, and when they take time to discuss it, Jonathan is something I never thought I would see – he is accepting of all she has dismissed. Her internal battle with the label is “Submissive” carries through the majority of the book but we find her beginning to wonder whether or not he correct.

She enjoys  the fact that he is so dominant and has willing accepted everything that he has asked of her but her overwhelming fear is that he will hurt her.

She has niggling fears that she can’t trust him – this thing with him and his ex-wife is just too strange.

I think I fell a little bit more in love with the Jonathan Drezen because despite the fact the he is a Dom- he is a sweetie at heart. His compassion for Monica during her time of need is beautiful – when she texts him “ I need you” there is no hesitation in his response, she is his priority and always will be – against their past and demons these two just have to find a way to make this work.

Fabulous series and yet another amazing book