Off Limits

by Lola Darling


If Max and Chloe don’t bring a smile to your face then there is something seriously wrong with your sense of humour, because this pair lit me up like a Christmas tree, the banter between them was just epic.

They were both rally strong characters and each of them brought their personalities to the fore. Chloe was a tough cookie; she didn’t get to this point in her career without being as hard as nails but that also means that she isn’t always on everyone’s friends list. But making Partner in the law firm is all that matters and she will stop at nothing to make sure she does whatever is needed to get there.

Max on the other hand wasn’t just a hot lawyer, he was HOT full stop!!! His confidence didn’t just come out to play in the courtroom! This guy was no slouch in the bedroom department either and his extensive list of conquests paid suitable testament to the reputation he was more than worth of.

But throwing the two of them together to work on the same case didn’t just ruffle their feathers, it kick started something that just wasn’t prepared to lie dormant any longer because as much as they have this love /hate vibe going on, the chemistry between them leaves it up in smoke!

But please don’t think that the book is all about the physical, it is far from it. There was an emotional connection between the two of them that I actually thought brought far more to the story. The depth of feeling that almost engulfed the two of them gave them an element of realism and honesty that was encapsulating.

The author was able to pour so much into the story and she is a fantastic job, because it was not only Max and Chloe but the whole cast of characters, namely Heather, Paul and Travis that brought the story life.

Topic: Off Limits by Lola Darling

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