Yes Master by Margaret McHeyzer

Strength can be found in many ways but inner strength is something that can take a lifetime to achieve. Ryan Jenkins had been through a lifetime of pain up till now, but now was his time to heal.

From the onset and I do mean the absolute onset I have had trepidations about this book, but what I got was not at all what I had imagined. It was a gloriously emotional read through a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The opportunity as an adult to right the wrongs from your childhood and release the shackles of emotion and abuse that harbour you in a darkness that no-one can free you from until you are ready. Ryan was ready and I am thankful that he was because he was a beautiful individual that deserved everything that was good in life.

Career solider through necessity rather than choice, Ryan spent his entire childhood at the malicious hands of his uncle, who abused and maligned him at every opportunity. Leaving to join the military really was the best option for him, it gave him purpose although he remained internally a shadow, a broken man cast adrift from happiness by spectre of his past. Life was lonely being Ryan, living not just with but in his memories but he had one constant longing and that was for his best friend Mason.

Mason Carter and Ryan go back years and although Mason is now a hot shot celebrity they have continued to be in touch.

When Mason and his girlfriend Stella visit him, life takes a new direction because this woman is the answer to his prayers. With Stella he can learn to let go of the past and find peace not only emotionally but physically.

I liked that Ryan got to tell me his story and that he was open and honest about it, I loved the chapters where Stella had the chance to open the door to her lifestyle and to help me understand what exactly she was doing for Ryan and most of all I was grateful to her for helping this glorious man to find his soul and make it happy again.

I am still undecided when it comes to how I feel about Mason and I think I will be for some time, but I will leave you to make up your own mind on who you feel about him when you read the story but I expected more from him.

I ask one thing, as intense as the story is it is not dark, as difficult as Ryan’s life has been it is not all sadness, the book is full of positives, it is sweet, loving and completely engaging. Enjoy it!!

The end is what I was hoping for and I have to say that after completing the story I am glad that this book crossed my path because I feel better for having read it