Sweet Obsession

by J Daniels


I spent my weekend wholed up with this book, and I could not have been happier. J Daniels is a must read author but you have to give her characters time and attention, please don’t rush them they are worth your indulgence.
This is a delicious book and not just because of the whole cupcake thing that is going on –and yes Brooke still hasn’t stopped munching those dang things!
Mason, well I think one look and I would have been a puddle at his feet. He was longed for by almost everyone he came into contact and gender didn’t seem to have any bearing in the audience he attracted – I was smiling my way through the chapter where he was out drumming up business for the Yoga classes – I am the ultimate couch potato – but even I would have forgone my idleness and signed up in a flash.
The man was positively edible!!!
Brooke, is so against relationships that I wasn’t sure that this pair were ever going to have any middle ground to meet on. But I laughed by ass off when Mason played her at her own game and refused to back down… you go man!
The dance of denial that they skirted round was so funny but it also reminded me that what you want and what you get aren’t always what you initially sign up for. Brooke wanted Mason but he wasn’t going to let her have it all her own way, he wanted a commitment from her and was prepared to hold out until she saw how stubborn she was being.
Was this sexy Australian going to be her undoing?
Would she finally give into temptation?
I liked that we got to see more of Reese and Dylan and dear lord, Joey was a hoot and a half – he was so funny - loved him.

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