Lost Heartbeats by Ella Maise


I started this and had no inkling of what the hell I was letting myself in for because this is a brilliant book.

I hadn’t read the novella Lost Prelude before I started to read this but when I got the feeling that I was missing something, I broke the habit of a lifetime and stopped reading the book, bought Lost Prelude and pinged my way through it first before resuming Lost Heartbeat and I am glad I did because I think it enhanced my enjoyment.

But back to Lost Heartbeat, oh my, where to start.

There is a few months between the end of the novella and the beginning of this book but it is still as intense.

Maya was a broken woman in some respects, she had given her heart away and the man that had it didn’t even fight to keep it. Alexander let her walk away, I could have throttled him. The death of her father had emotionally crippled her, she was a puppet hiding in the shadows of what was her life, she barely made an impression anymore and that was nothing like the strong woman that she had been before.

But when Alexander finally gets his head screwed on he knows that he let the best thing in his life slip through his fingers, so he has one mission, to win back his woman. So when he rocks up at the coffee shop, all best were off- because as much as they were drawn to each other they had a mountain to unresolved issues and unanswered questions overcome.

I thought I knew what was going to happen but that didn’t stop my heart beating just a little bit faster in anticipation.

Emotionally Alexander was a mess and there is only one person that he can reach out too, one person that could heal his heart. He needs Maya in his life to ease the pain but his appearance catches Maya off guard, she isn’t ready to see him but she couldn’t possibly turn him away, she cares too much.

I loved Maya, the woman had the capacity to love like an absolute trooper and in no time she has taken Alexander under her wing so to speak and is providing him the care that he needs, but I couldn’t help but think, who was caring for her, she had just lost her father after all and that was not a struggle she was dealing with particularly well.

But when she agrees to go to New York with Alexander I was sure that the end result was not going to be a happy one.

She tried to be everything they both needed but everything and everyone has a limit, but what would it take for to reach hers?

The story was beautifully descriptive, with characters that were impossible not to love.

I felt the love they had for each other seeping from the pages, the story was one that was delicately wrapped in a blanket of love and understanding, of self-discovery and commitment.

They were so in love with each other that even when life got in the way it wasn’t enough to derail them.