Politically Incorrect by Jeanne McDonald

There was never any doubt that Elizabeth McNeal and William “Liam” Baxter were going to be at loggerheads with each other, they were far too opinionated to be anything else but when they say opposites attract they were only half right because this pair had more in common that they would ever openly admit and because of that their journey was always going to be along the lines of the best political thriller and believe me when I say it is thrilling.

Liam’s ability to rub Elizabeth up the wrong way knows no limits, in fact I think it was obvious early on that the fact he was breathing was enough to have her pulling her hair out. They were constantly at each other throats, I mean what did she have again his ties for crying out loud, give it a rest!

I was a little hesitant of whether or not I was going to warm to Elizabeth, yes she was feisty, yes she was demanding, after all she was playing in a field that was fast moving and cut throat; political ambition left very little standing in its wake and behind the scenes was no different.

But I like the fact that they gradually chipped away at each other, set their coolers to defrost somewhat and the tension and rhetoric that they defended themselves was slowly cast aside and as they did they let not only us but each other see who they really were.

The banter between them was edgy, it was terse at some points but as they got to know each other it took on a life of its own and had a flirty undertone to it.

I liked the fact that they built up to a point where they were going to either kiss or kill each other so to speak, their frustration only added to the situation and when they eventually couldn’t take the anticipation any longer their surrender to the inevitable was sensational.

This pair will set your kindle alight!

I liked the setting of the book more than I thought I would, the whole subterfuge of the political jungle so to speak meant that there were more than enough twists and turns to keep me happy, there were secrets and lies spattered throughout the story that while not all of them will come as a complete surprise, some of them will warrant a shake of the head to blow away the cobwebs and make you wonder how you missed it!

Topic: Politically Incorrect by Jeanne McDonald

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