Billy Jeffers by MJ Fields

Billy is the last of the band to get the opportunity to tell his story, but was his the one that you wanted to hear?

Because for me, I have to say that I have been really keen to hear what this reluctant rocker has to say. This band of rockers have had me held hostage since I read the first chapter of Memphis Black and they have taken up their rightful place in my ever expanding library at the top of the rocker reads.

Each book, brings a new rainbow of colours to the band. I can’t say I have a favourite of the guys, they all bring something new and unique but Billy, his story is one that has the potential to tear this band of brothers apart…or so he believes

Billy never wanted to be in the limelight and in that is true to this day but Steel Total Destruction is his life, they are his guys and doing right by them is all that matters to him, little do they know the secret that weighs heavy in his heart.

Madison is the thorn in his side, Memphis’s little sister has been able to play him just as easily as his fingers can glide across the keys of his piano, and has spent longer than anybody would care to admit doing everything she can to try and get under his skin.

But when Billy’s life begins to unravel it is the most unlikely of allies that turns out to be the shoulder he needs to lean on.

Family or more specifically his father’s actions are forcing Billy to confront situations that he would rather didn’t exist. The consequences of his father’s actions are far reaching and Billy is convinced that they may cost him everything, including the friendship of the guys he cares most about in the world.

Sick of being the safe choice, sick of doing the right thing, Billy is over the game that Madison and him have been playing, finally he is ready to take the bait and show Madison exactly what makes his hidden alpha tick!

This is as emotional read and in comparison to some of the other guys I didn’t find it overtly sexual…now that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have some parts that will have your pulse racing because when Billy Jeffers brings the heat, it is volcanic!

The chatter between Billy and Madison brought the biggest smile to my face but getting to see the real Madison was the biggest joy in the book.

This sassy woman, had so much hidden beneath the sharp veneer of attitude that when her true personality came to the fore, it was delightful. Billy meant the world to her and knowing that his pride was his armour, she found her way around the wall that he had built and broke it down from the inside, she was determined to help him whetehr he wanted her to or not, he not only never saw it coming, he was powerless to stop the force of nature that was Madison.

The author has given each and every one of this band the most fitting and appropriate of stories, she has given them each the opportunity to lay their hearts on the line and to wash their demons from their hearts and with Billy she was able to give him closure to a life lived regretting who is, what his family had done and the secrets that he no longer was prepared to allow to haunt him.

A fabulously well written addition to the series.

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