RUSH by C A Harms

Relationships, not a chance Ashton Montgomery had given that a try and was sworn off anything long term from now on and there was no shortage of willing bedfellows.

Kinsley Hellman has experienced the worst the world could throw at her, at the hands of her ba***rd of a husband Jase, he was one sick mother***er and she was little more than a possession that he could do what he wanted both too and with.

Staying through fear and obligation, Kinsley finds out in the most despicable of circumstances that the main hold Jase has over her has gone, but the fear that he has instilled in her doesn’t mean that she feels able to get away from him, luckily for her she has someone in her corner that night that takes matters out of her hands and is able to get her away from him and into the safe hands of a group of people who will do everything they can to help her start again.

Six months later and she is living in New York under her new identity and beginning to find her feet, he knows that she has the people she staying with last at her back, they are like family to her now but she also knows that’s he has to make a new life for herself, so with a little apartment and a new job she is doing what she can. But she never banked on meeting the force of nature that is Ashton Montgomery.

The man was simply breath-taking, he had a presence that sucked the air out of her lungs but she knew that no matter how handsome Ashton was she couldn’t get involved, she had to keep herself safe but there was no way that Ashton was going to take no for an answer and this sassy spitfire had his interest working overtime. She is a challenge he never saw coming but one he has no intension of backing down from, Ashton Montgomery does not lose, this is a man that gets exactly what he wants and from the minute Kinsley stepped foot in his office and verbally slapped him down a peg or two, he has wanted one thing…her!

Ashton was super, rich and super successful but that doesn’t impress Kinsley, after all Jase had all that too, but Ashton is everything that Jase isn’t, he is so kind, so loving and she was always swimming against the tide, she was always going to give in and date him, the man was relentless.

I loved his possessiveness but wasn’t sure how given her history that was going to play out, I thought it might have been tougher for her than it appeared. But what was hard for her to deal with was the web of lies that she continued to weave on an almost daily basis, it was eating away at her but she couldn’t tell him the truth, even though he had made it clear that he would never lie to her and that truth was a paramount consideration for him.

Together they were fabulous but the spectre of not only her past but the deceit is always bubbling along in the background, a ticking time-bomb almost. So when Ashton gets an uneasy feeling that there is something painful in her past that he can no longer ignore and he asks his brother Beckett – a PI to look into her past. The truth is devastating for him.

Reacting poorly and rashly to the content of Beckett’s investigation, Ashton calls time on their relationship, but is that it, are this perfect couple over for good?

The pickup from Ashton’s return from L.A is swift and Ash’s possessive nature swings into full effect, I won’t give away what happens but let’s just say that Ash and his brothers Beckett and Knox stop at nothing to make sure that she is finally free of her demons.

There is a wealth of fabulous characters but I would like to give a huge shout out to Lex, Ashton’s fabulous sidekick, who is more than willing to give his boss and careful nudge in the right direction and eventually Kinsley’s best friend, he was just superb.

I loved Kinsley and Ashton, they had a realistic undertone to their story, I liked the fact that the author didn’t sugar coat the seriousness of her situation.

I am looking forward to reading the next of the Montgomery Men Series and I hope that we get a little more from Kinsley and Ashton too.

Topic: RUSH by C A Harms

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