Honey by Cary Grossman

If you have a problem with a sizeable age difference then pay heed to the blurb because this pair don’t seem to be willing to pay any attention to sensitivities, they have a connection that they are ready and willing to explore, despite what others may thank of feel.

Benjamin Scream is more than double Honey’s age and has the memories to prove that his is a life that hasn’t just been lived, it’s been well worn. But that is no barrier to the way this feisty nineteen-year-old makes him feel. Yep, I can almost feel your eyes rolling around in your head but he is more than that, give him time and a you will see that she is exactly the woman that he has waited almost a whole lifetime to meet.

Honey makes Benjamin feel, she has an effect on him that is difficult for him to understand almost, he shouldn’t feel this pull towards this mere slip of a girl but he can’t fight it.

Honey is no shrinking violet, she had her fair share of success but it all came at a price a she is ready to stop paying. She wants what a relationship could give her, a feeling of being loved and she is sure that with Benjamin she will get just that but is he willing to take the chance?

Can they make good on the opportunities that being together could give them? Or will it all be too much for them to take? I wanted to see which of them would have the bottle to stand and fight for a happy ever after, one that neither of them should ignore.

I enjoyed the authors writing style, his descriptions were both vivid and concise. I found the character development was complete and he nailed the age appropriate characteristics, it can’t be easy writing a story where the main characters have such vastly different life experiences to draw from, and I think in this case the author had them absolutely on point.

Topic: Honey by Cary Grossman

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