Phoenix by Addison Kline

There is often more lying under the surface of an Addison Kline novel that you would ever initially suspect and this was no different. True to form Ms Kline took her characters into situations that tackled some tough subject matter head on. She didn’t skirt around situations that other might have very well shied away from.  Bullying in any format is abhorrent and left unfettered it can lead to more serious situations, and as much as the author was able to underline the intensity that being bullied can bring into your life, I think she came into her own when it came to the other more serious, more brutal subjects she included, physical and sexual abuse are serious topics and can never be taken lightly and I comment the author for executing the enormity of the situation with absolute precision, she handled not only the events leading up to the attack but the attack itself and the emotional trauma superbly, being inside the head of a victim is never a nice place to be but with Addison, at least I knew Alanna was in good hands.

Alanna was a lovely character, living with her grandma, is liked by pretty much everyone, she has a super group of friends and is happy with things the way they are…or should would be if Damien would just take no for an answer and accept that she doesn’t want to go out with him.

But when a new boy moves in across the street and starts school, it doesn’t take long for Alanna and Cris to strike up a friendship that was easy to see slipping into something more, these are kids after all but they were so in tune with each other that it was a done deal, they were kindred spirits.

As much as I was rooting for Alanna and Cris, Damien was an untold force and his decline towards being totally unhinged only became more and more apparent.

The kid had issues but would those that needed to see them in time?

I felt so sorry for Alanna and the guys, Nick; Charlie-  Damien’s twin brother; Peck, her street wise self-appointed guardian angel who completely adored her as a sister almost, and Cris who was besotted by her and who’s family had been through this sort of experience previously, he was beside himself when it came to the lunacy that Damien exhibited, he could see where it was headed, but could he do anything about it?

Maude was grandma to them all, giving them a roof over their heads when they needed a little sanctuary from the madness of their domestic situations or juts a meal and a friendly face as was often the case with Peck and the kids loved her for the fact she loved them.

I could barely contain my anger with some of the characters, namely Teagan – read the book and you will know why!

But what I was absolutely unable to contain was the emotion that the story brought to the fore. These were young people who had difficult decisions to make, difficult decisions foisted upon them and emotional ties to cut. They were forced to stand by while one of their own was hurt so horribly but they stood together, they were the epitome of friendship, strength and support and they believed that together they would and could survive…and they did.

The guys supported Alanna unconditionally and in doing so they gave her the strength and time she needed to heal herself and then when she was ready to take the steps she needed to right the wrong that had taken place.

Strong stuff that while completely encasing a work of fiction could so easily have been fact…a situation not to be taken lightly tackled with the lightest and most reverent of touches…simply stunning!

Topic: Phoenix by Addison Kline

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