Off the Ice

by L.P. Dover

A fabulous end to the series, I was delighted that we were finally getting the opportunity to read Justin’s story and I liked the fact that the author took him away from the ice and gave him the chance to show us all who he really was.

An out and out romance that stopped at nothing to show us the fact that no matter the circumstance, when you fall head over heels there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Justin has just come out of a very public breakup and is ready to take some time away from not only the ice but also the spotlight, after all he has a hugely motivated Ex who is doing everything she can to ruin his reputation, so life down on the farm for few weeks is just what he needs, but can he keep a low profile and gossip mongers at bay?

Well, the idea was a good one but when he gets caught up with his gorgeous single mom neighbour, he can’t stay away and despite the pair of them making a vow to keep their friendship a secret, there wasn’t a hope that they were ever going to be able to do just that, there were larger forces at play than just them, they had not only fate but the adorable 8-year-old Ellie in the mix.

I loved both Justin and Meghan, they were super characters who held my attention from start to finish.

A super enjoyable read that was full to the brim with magnificence.


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