Love at First Glance by Murial Garcia

This is funny, seriously so funny!!!

I chuckled my ass off- it was a perfect tonic to the stresses of the day.

Muriel Garcia this was a delight!

Haven is such a special character, she is a hoot, staunchly independent and with a determination that gave her a personality that you couldn’t help but connect with.

It is a rare thing to find a character like her, I’m not even sure she knew how hilarious she was. She had me completely spell bound or was that just too weak with laughter to move?

Haven is happy on her own, she binned her ex and since then she has been hanging out with her long term friend Spencer. Their relationship is so tight that I wasn’t actually sure where it was headed, was it purely platonic? And if it was why?

I think I could have read nothing but Haven’s escapades and I would have been happy but add Spencer to the story and my reading time just became a whole different experience.

Spencer, well I think it would have been impossible not to love him, he is completely devoted to Haven, and he is so sweet and prepared to do whatever necessary to keep Haven safe. But her sexy new neighbour tips him over the edge and he has to make his move.

Something has to change.

They dither around quite a bit and every now and then I was a bit narked with the two of them but I liked the fact that the relationship between the two of them was given time to evolve.

All too often this genre is guilty of insta-love – this is not the case, the pair take their time, they potter their way to the inevitable and while there is a hiccup or two along the way I was glued to the page.

Fantastically constructed, beautifully expressive and refreshingly modern.

Loved it!

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