Fair in Love by Jerry Sacher

Who wouldn't fall for a good ole country boy???

Geoff Randsell had been in a relationship for a while and the new in love spark had gone. His partner Doug made films, the tacky low budget kind. He had dreams and aspirations and while he was trying to find them the time he had left for Geoff had all but disappeared.

On a night out with his best friend Lu, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger was about to change Geoffs world.

Travis McAllen was a country star in one of the biggest bands around. He and his brothers were at the top of their game so Travis felt he had no choice but to keep his sexuality hidden.

When the stranger he meets in a Starbucks turns up at one of his concerts though, that is all going to change.

After a heart to heart with Doug, Geoff can finally explore whatever is going on with Travis without feeling guilty about cheating and the relationship that follows is a sweet, tentative one. 

Will it survive the interference from one of Travis's brothers and his God fearing Uncle, will the fans accept who he is when it all comes out, and what will happen whe Geoff comes face to face with Doug, has he really gotten over the man that he thought was his forever.

This was a lovely story about 2 men and the obstacles they face to be together. 

4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sue