The Beauty of It by Tara Lin Mossinghoff


I think the blurb gives you a fairy strong hint as to what you are going to get with this book but I have one thing to add to that

  • Tissues are compulsory

This is an emotional ride – it isn’t exceptionally angst filled in the normal way it is more subtle, more emotionally insinuated and definitely more exquisitely placed.

Jackson has suffered so much, the loss of his little sister hits him hard and he effectively shuts down. He struggles with everything, his grief is so huge that has permeated his very being, losing her has cut him to the core and how he is dealing with that loss is only hurt him more, because he is pulling away from those that can help and wallowing. He has slipped into a self-destruct mode and his emotional demise was difficult to read, I had a lump in my throat for much of the time.

Peyton well what can I say, my heart broke for her, pregnant and alone and with no support but she refused to give in, she was a mini fist pump moment – the sort of girl that takes life for what it is,  like it or lump it and she just deals!

She had a wit that was razor sharp and a tongue to match – she didn’t mince her words and that was lovely to read - She was a super character.

They meet under what are unfortunate circumstances – Peyton has just told her baby daddy that he is going to be a daddy and things get out of hand! Voices are raised and he walks away – determined that he wants nothing to do with either Peyton or his child. If I could have reached into the kindle and kicked his butt I would have in the blink of an eye – ass!!!

A friendship is instantly struck but where it would head was far from predictable, they were able to push each other’s buttons, but Jackson loved her spirit.

Can they be what they each need or is it all too much for them at this time?

The growth of Jackson’s character was what touched me most about this book, the fact that by helping and growing close to Peyton it in turn allowed him to see the importance of family and to reconcile so to speak with a family that through his actions, almost felt as if they had lost not only their daughter but their son – they never lost faith in him, he lost it in himself and it took Peyton to show him that he was worth better.

The story is everything you could ever want but didn’t know you needed.

It is beautifully written and will steal your breath in places, a tale of finding what you need when you least expect it and not being afraid to hold on.

Topic: The Beauty of It by Tara Lin Mossinghoff

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