What Piper Needs

by Amanda Abbott


So the first book was first class and this was always going to have a lot to live up to, but OMG it gave it a damn good go and I have to say I actually think it may have come out on top – Piper is a woman on a mission!!

A decade of marriage has Piper heading for Caroline’s door and looking for her help on how to put the vavavoom back into their sex life.

She loves her husband with everything she has but she is far from happy with the banality that has taken over their intimacy.

And when she gets the bit between her teeth so to say, the results are scorching- honestly they will leave you nursing blisters on your fingertips as they streak their way across each and every page.

Their honesty and willingness to go through with the plan is fab, the rules leave them chomping at the bit and this pair are scorching, they are absorbing and their determination to evolve and embrace their new found freedom between the sheets and anywhere else they damn well please is just completely fabulous.

But having a stellar sex life isn’t the only ingredient in a happy relationship and they have to learn what they need to do to insure that they last the pace… I wanted to shake them at one point and just bang their heads together and tell them to do what they do every day to everyone else about all the unimportant things in life… they need to talk to each other and not just lip service or whispering sweet nothing during the throws of passion, a real sit down and lay it all out talk about what they are feeling and how to make what they have work in and out of bed – hell, they have the physical aspect smoking on all cylinders, so surely the rest is a piece of cake.

A huge step up from the first book and completely fantastic!!!