Ace by Lyra Parish

This is far from the typical rock story and while Ace is the typical rockstar in many respects, he is also so different.
I know there are only so many ways to write about sexed up rock god and shy retiring woman, we have all read them before but this is one rock god you would dismiss at your peril, because Ace is more than able to dispel any cobwebs you may have hanging around, there is nothing quintessential about him, he may fit the jeans but that doesn’t mean he has to fit the mould!
Until Elizabeth, Ace has systematically followed the path that they all do, different town, different gig, different girl and that is fine by him…until Elizabeth entered the fray, because then all bets are off and he is catapulted into a whole different world of hurt and longing!
Elizabeth lands a job that while it may have been the desire of many and thousands would have probably given their right arm for, but she is far from impressed with her latest assignment.
Ace has an inherent loathing of reporters and to be frank, would normally be best kept out of reach most of the time but staying away from Elizabeth is not an option.
I loved the fact that she battled to hide her distain almost as much as he battled to stay away, neither of them were ever going to win but it was fun watching them try!
The story is set around the band and while I liked the whole band dynamic, I am a bit of a rock wh**e really, I hold my hands up and admit that if I had to describe this book in just a few words I would say it was an out and out romance.
It might not be your typical, run of the mill romance but it is every bit as romantic as you could ever want it to be.
Ace and Elizabeth are not your normal couple and it is a good thing that opposites attract because this pair in a different light would have never made it to first base, never mind setting the pages alight!
There is drama, yes but it is not particularly angst riddled which I really enjoyed, there were some touchingly emotional scenes and when I read, the line ( I do not highlight or book mark lines but this was a beauty!!!) “Ace Hathway has a heart. You have to know where to find it." I knew they were where they needed to be, she understood him and he was willing to let her in to see the man underneath the image.
I love a rock romance as much as the next woman, and if this is just the start of the series, I just would love to say let the swooning commence…this is a fabulous read that owes it to the emotion that the author is able to inject into her story, the words flow and the story doesn’t seem to falter, we watch as they pick up the kindling of a fledging romance and forge it into the experience that they both need and deserve.
A sexy read that will leave you counting the days until the next of the Band of Brothers spring to life!

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