Filthy by Clarissa Wild

This little beauty will take you on a whistle stop tour of life as lived by the inimitable Jaret Paxton

Life was everything a young boy could have dreamed for, as Jaret was growing up, the only problem was it was not Jaret’s dream.

Left alone to be raised by the staff around him, Jaret wanted nothing that was offered to him and when the illumination of college was held over him, he finally snapped – because that was the last place he wanted to be.

Living from then became nothing more than an endless round of drinking and women – the more the merrier, they helped him to forget the fact that to his folks he barely existed and never had.

Jaret’s life had one bright spot growing up, Lin.

But even she had been taken away from him when her folks, members of staff at his parent’s home, had packed her off to finishing school. As kids they had been friends but like Jaret, her hopes and dreams for her future had been decided for her by her parents , so they had more in common than most. Could they forge a new friendship? Or perhaps something more

One night when in a local strip bar, Jaret bumps into Lin again and when he discovers her situation, he is determined to help. Lin owes money, a debt that has her living in an abusive situation with the threat of violence to not only her but her family never far from the surface.

Can Jaret help? Well he is damn well going to try!

Letting Lin go, is not an option for Jaret, she is the one person that he has loved in his life and he would die to protect her if he felt it necessary.

The story is full of angst and drama but there was something that niggled me.. it I felt like it was almost complete… I just would have liked a little more of Jaret, I think he has more in his locker that he has yet to divulge and because of that I felt like he was holding back on me.

I didn’t doubt for one minute the connection between him and Lin and for that alone, this is a belter of a short, feisty read!