Crave: Part One

by E.K. Blair

While I love this author and I totally love her writing style, I am sorry to say that what I didn’t love straight off the bat was Kason, I know that I might be in the minority here but for a little too long his actions just seemed to rub me up the wrong way. But did that feeling last?

I loved the way the author was willing and able to draw me into the story but there were just little bits of the story that felt almost as if I was picking a scab, I knew it was going to hurt but couldn’t help but do it anyway.

Adeline and Kason had history and it was one that had seen, what they had spread its wings much further that they probably ever thought possible following that initial high school introduction.

But the path that they trod together wasn’t smooth sailing, they soared on the high of a love that seemed limitless but that was in fact so finely balanced that it wasn’t going to take much to send them plummeting to a desperation that I had no doubt would be as beautifully strengthening as it was devastating. But again, I have no idea because Ms Blair plays her cards very close to her chest and she obviously has a very determined path for this pair and with another book to come, I may need to garner strength for the conclusion.

I thought the author tread a careful path with the situations that she exposed in the book, the characteristics that she imparted into her main protagonists. The tone that she levelled toward me as a read encouraged me to continue from page to page even when at times I could feel an almost involuntary wince.

Did I love the book, Yes, I did.

Did I love the characters, well on the whole they grew on me, especially Kason but I am keeping a little in reserve for the next book but I will own up now to the fact that it was Adeline that kept me glued to the page.

Topic: Crave: Part One by E.K. Blair

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