Her Ride by Rachael Orman


This has so much going on that it is at times hard to get a handle on, but what it does have is a good old romance at its core.

The story is one of discovery, of standing by what you want and need and being strong enough to face what the world has to throw at you.

Ryan is a tough cookie, having been in the marines she is more than able to fight her own corner but she has hidden so much over the years that letting her secrets out was not going to be easy.

The connection to the MC club is not played on heavily in the book, it was great that Ryan was a biker in her own right as was her brother and also via Ellis (Dirty) – who I loved – because this sexy alpha biker will have you gasping for air because there is nothing and I do mean nothing that he is not willing to do for her. The heat between them will give your fingers blisters as you turn the pages.

Now I have to say that while there were many topics covered in the book and that I fully embraced the fact that Ryan was on Her Ride so to speak the book was handled with both aplomb and sensitivity.

But on a personal level I struggled with one situation – I found it hard to understand how a woman like Ryan would allow herself to fall victim of domestic abuse. She was a warrior, she had fought so hard to be accepted into a male dominated world but she cowered at the hands of a boyfriend that abused her in every single way possible – my heart paused when I read what she was going through I wanted to scream at her to kick his ass!

I know it is just story and that she eventually found a way to get out of the situation but it took a long time for her to draw a line under the situation and that as hard to understand.

Good Read – looking forward to the next book