In Sly's Eyes

by SM Donaldson


I was desperate to get started with this and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Sly was the consummate bachelor – relationship held little interest for him, well no scrub that – the held absolutely no interest at all but that was until he met Kara Chambers.

Kara on the other hand was a little reluctant to let anyone get close, she had, had her brush with the devil and was adamant that her faith in men was all used up.

She had a traumatic experience at the hands of an ex that can only be described as a reprehensible human being and from that day she had walls around her were virtually impenetrable.

But Sly is sure he can make her see that she is a beautiful woman but was he out of his depth?

When the trouble came calling, Kara was sure that the drama she had heaped on both Sly and the gym, would find her left out in the cold but little did she know that being with Sly would bring her a whole stable of guys who were willing to step up to the plate for her, because being with Sly meant that she had a family she never knew she needed.

A great read, funny but oh so sweet!

Topic: In Sly's Eyes by SM Donaldson

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