Urban Love Prophecy by Jessica Ingro

Urban Love Prophecy by Jessica Ingro


They say opposites attract but when it is Jayson (Jay) Santiago and Victoria (Tori) Watson, never a truer word was uttered but could this bad boy rapper make good with the onetime country club beauty?  

Kudos to Jessica for the concept – it was perfect for the pair of them!

Cut off from the one person who means the most to her – her father. Tori is feeling the wrath or is it jealousy of his latest wife – not much older that Tori she is using every trick in the book to isolate her and its working. Left with nothing, Tori finds herself running short of options and almost out of money. She takes a job serving beers at a local strip club and has just about enough cash to find the most pitiful of apartments but if standing on her own is what it takes then – so be it.

With her determination intact she sets out to make it on her own and to show her step-mother that she isn’t willing to lie down and take it.

That’s until one night she comes across the inimitable Jay. Not that she knows anything about him at first – her neighbour fills her in on that score.

The hottest property in the music Jay is the go to producer for some of the industry’s hottest stars.

Out on the town with on of his artists at the local strip club when he comes across Tori and the attraction is instant. She turns him down on his first approach but the damage is done – she has peaked his interest and neither hell nor high water can keep him away.

Alternating between both of the main characters gives a great opportunity to see the story unfold from both perspectives and that is something that I really like.

But what I really liked was Jay, he was brilliant – such a change from the norm, although at times I wanted to do no more than kick his arse! He could be infuriating.  Tori on the other hand – OMG did my heart break for her - she tries desperately to be as tough as old boots and she is just so fabulous, that you can’t help but be angry for her and her situation.  

The relationship between the pair of them is blisteringly hot and with Jay’s help the vixen in her is coaxed out to play. As for Jay, words fail me – you need to read this to see what one man is capable of off – he’s a god!

I loved the story and found the characters engaging – the plot honest and the emotion real – what more could a woman want!

Rating – a very well deserved Five out of Five