Flash Point by Lani Lynn Vale

Booth Jones may have left town but that didn’t mean that Masen Crisfield’s heart ever actually let go, he has owned her hook line and sinker for more than a decade and although they have a prickly edge that refuses to lay down and give them time to breathe, they cannot deny that the feelings that were there previously are back and this time they have to face the way they feel.

So can they find a way to where they need to be? Can they forgive and forget the past pain and find a future?

I liked the deviation the author had in this story, I loved the fact that this pair had history. They had hurt to work through, the sort of pain that you just can’t wash over, the sort of angst that makes for an addictive read.

I love the fact that Masen was a feisty character that she reacted without thinking much of the time but I also liked the fact that Booth knew what to expect with her, and how much rope to give her before he started to reel her back in. They knew how to handle each other but that was topped off by the fact that they also knew what buttons to push.

What they had was always going to go the distance, they were always going to find their happy ever after, the pull of the story was the thrill of watching the ride they were going to have to take together in order to get there.

A super addition to The Kilgore Fire Series.

Topic: Flash Point by Lani Lynn Vale

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