More Than Lies by NE Henderson

This might be a new series but the author wiggles her fingers to create a touch of magic because not only does she brings some new characters to the fore but she also sneaks in some from her previous series. I love being able to catch up with characters that have come to mean a lot to me when reading their stories.

In this she has introduced Shawn, and I have to say that Mr Braden is not all he thinks he is. I could have shook him by the throat early on and that is actually me endeavouring to explain my frustrations with the man in words that are not likely to get me struck off some hidden blogger register – he was an ass of epic proportions at times but at other opportunities he was such a good guy – I was beginning to consider he had a condition!

Shawn loves everything in his life but he loves them his way and that is not always a good thing but if you belong to Shawn, be that as his friend, his family, his badass tattoo shop or the object of his affections the fierce Taralynn then you most definitely have a sexy ass guardian angel because the man would stop at nothing to keep you safe.

So while he positively sees Taralyn as being his woman, he really needled me in that he knew she felt eth same way but he kept her at arm’s length – talk about seriously twisted – come on Shawn get with the program and cut the girl a break. She has lusted after him for years from when they were kids and her little girl longing developed full blown hormonal status and the lust took over – they both know the score but she is at his mercy and he is playing at a snail’s pace – I could kill him!!

This bit of the story was so frustrating, I am not one to understand the whole push and pull nonsense! But I got where the author was going because in the long run it gave a great insight to what made them tick.

The story was one that I think I would read again but I would possibly wait until I have a few in the series and read them back to back. The peripheral characters were a positive in eth story but if you are looking for the consummate bad boy who wants life his way dn a woman that can give as good as she gets then this pair ill serve you well.



Topic: More Than Lies by NE Henderson

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