Since You've Been Gone by SM Phillips

There was a lot packed between the covers of this book, if the author was planning on giving my emotions and work out…she nailed it.

Most of the story was retrospective, looking back at past events, events that had left them both feeling cheated almost. The author did a great job of laying out their time together from their less than stellar start, through the glory of getting to know each other, right up until it all fell apart.

Their time is Spain was short but that didn’t mean it was insignificant and throughout the story we got to see what it meant to both of them, they worked well as a couple and it was fun watching them get to know each other back then.

But now we were a decade on, a lot older and wiser and the question was …what now?

I liked the look at what they had, had previously and what they had now, I just think I missed a bit by not knowing enough about what had happened to the pair of them in between.

Why had their never been the occasion for them to catch up with each other until now because I am certain that in Lucy’s imagination she never thought that her first sight of him after 10 years would be at her friend’s wedding!

While I think Jake and Lucy were a super couple and but I can’t say the same for some of the other characters. Most of them were ok but I really didn’t like Fran, actually I had to actively stop myself from skimming through paragraphs that she was in, she really grated on my very last nerve! Although I did love Hannah.

I’m not sure what the authors plans are for this pair but I think I might like to see where they go from here.

Topic: Since You've Been Gone by SM Phillips

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