by Rachel Van Dyken

This will steal the very air from your lungs before slowly breathing life back into you!

I felt as if the author was drawing every ounce of emotion from me and while I was beginning to struggle with the level of hate and despair I tried to hold on to the hope that somewhere down the line it was going to turn a corner.

Will was a tortured soul, so full to the brim with a hatred that as I read, I couldn’t help but feel as if his emotions were suffocating him. I got the impression that while he was harbouring a darkness and anger that was in some respects understandable, I just wanted him to take a deep breath and let some of it go…not only for him but also for Angelika because his attitude towards her was hostile to say the very least at first.

Angelika on the other hand was dealing with her own issues, mired in a level of despair that seemed to know no bounds…so I couldn’t help but wonder what these two intrinsically damaged people would bring to each other?

Well that was the question and to be honest I wasn’t initially sure that they could possibly have anything to bring to the table but I was happy to be proven wrong. Although it was a far from easy path that they were on and they had a mountain of hurdles to overcome, I had fingers crossed on both hands that they had what it would take to come out the other side together!

There were moments peppered throughout the book that I struggled to keep the tears at bay, emotionally it wasn’t an easy read but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have any humour or frivolity…it did and I found myself unwittingly chuckling when I least expected it.

Well written this is more than the blurb lets on …a great read

Topic: STEAL by Rachel Van Dyken

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