by Adele Huxley

Straight off the bat, this book picks right up after the end of the second book and finished leaving me with a total book hangover and praying for the arrival of yet another book in the series.

I adored the way that each book in the series has just ramped up the attitude and piled on the angst for everyone involved.

There is an inexplainable need that lies between Phoenix and Penny and despite everything that has happened up until now, he just doesn’t seem to be able to shake off the feeling that she might just be the one for him…but is she? Because as far as they all know, it appears as if she has been a major player in some very shady dealings…but has she?

I liked the way the author gave Penny the chance to redress the field of opinion, but could she make them see that she was more than what they thought of her? When the truth comes out, is it enough to see why she is the way she is and why she did the things? or does she have yet more to prove? Because she is more than willing to put it all on the line to find out just who is behind what is going on and why.

Temper the intensity of Penny with the seductive nature of Phoenix and you have a couple that are the perfect pairing. Phoenix was everything that Penny needed, but that it appeared that she didn’t actually want, he was strong and methodical, he took his time to ensure that he made the right decisions and when necessary he had no qualms in defending her.

But could they make the flicker between them last or was that a step too far?

An interesting, if not all too complicated addition to the series.

Topic: Gold by Adele Huxley

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