by Jay Crownover



Rome is book 3 in the series and doesnt hold back on the drama. The synopis gave little away and having devoured both of the other books (Rule and Jet) I knew a little of Rome's history, I was already involved with the man- so effectively my hands were tied when it came to Rome - he was under my skin before I had even turned my kindle on.

A mean and moody ex soldier - his story is not a million miles away from the reality of many of the service men and women today leaving the services. Transisition is never easy and preparation for dealing with the trauma of warfare is never high on the agenda.

Rome is in pain - suffering and isolated - taking his disillusionment out on those around him - his easiest targets.

His vitriol directed at his brother Rule is unjustified but with his woman Shaw by his side - Rule has grown into the man Rome had always wanted him to be - a brother to be proud of. It takes time for Rome to see that his brother has his back whether he wants it or not.

Cora, the fiesty body artist has mixed feelings towards Rome - but something deep draws her to him but conflicted she finds it tough as his attitude and her protective streak towards all of the other guys causes her conflict but she has never been one to hold back.

She is a handful - one that Rome Archer will have to get a handle on - sharpish!

Rome's relationship with Cora takes hold fairly early on in the book and at one point I considered that it may all be happening too fast but the twists and turns develop the plot and keep the story fresh and interesting.

I particularly liked the character of "Brite" a former military man - he has a lot in common with Rome and provides a perspective on what is going on inside Rome's head. Brite turns out to one of the good guys - an intuative individual who with his heart firmly in the right place - can see the pain that Rome is in and gives him a focus.

Bridges are built in this book, family secrets are hung out to dry and taboo's are shed in a way that ensures a legacy is remembered.

Cora and Rome, are an unusual pair and their story is far from straight forward but it is honest. They both have skeletons to lay to rest in order to accept that they belong together. Relationships need work and they learn this early on.

Jay lays the foundation for the next in the series with a foray into Nash's life and a twist in his tale that, just like with Rome - has me right there with him already - I can't wait to see what lies in store.

A great book from a fabulous series - cant wait for number 4

Rating - 5 out of 5