by Natasha Grace

There is a lot about this book that I will happily hold my hands up and say that I loved, but that doesn’t mean that it all got my approval because there are other things that whilst I can’t say I totally disliked them, I would say that I would have liked it a lot more if the story had gotten to the good stuff quicker.

The first few chapters just seemed a little laboured but once they were out of the way the story and characters took off and I was totally hooked.

Once the author had hit her stride, it was as if she was possessed because there was no let-up in the pace. I loved the environment, the financial aspect of the story and all that the complexities of that environment brought to the story, although on occasion I did feel as if I was bombarded with a little too much information that I didn’t really want.

But what about the characters?

Well Sam, I would say I was initially ambivalent to, she just seemed to give off a lacklustre vibe, she was obviously an intelligent woman, but I didn’t seem to be able to find what it was that that made her shine and that was frustrating …Luke on the other hand, I loved.

Luke was almost a tale of two personalities, when it came to business, he was totally driven, I can’t say ruthless, he was every bit the businessman and I felt for him dealing with everything that Jason’s death foisted upon the company and in turn onto his shoulders. But what I was taken aback by was the grown that he underwent as the story unfolded, he wasn’t perfect, but he really came into his own.

Together they were a solid couple that seemed to balance each other out and that gave their situation credence and brought a semblance of normality to what was going on not only between but also to them

On the whole I would say that I found this a great first read from an author that was new to me and I look forward to seeing what she delivers next.


Topic: Fallen by Natasha Grace

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