Intended for Bristol 

by LP Dover

Safe to say that this is not my favourite book by this author. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was well written but I just didn’t get any connection with the main characters.

I found Jaxson a little too full on at times and the antics of the team sort of grated on me more than it probably should.

I did like the way that Jaxson made no secret of what he was looking for from Bristol and it was a darn sight more than remodelling his house but that was about where I almost lost interest.

I don’t like laying a book down, after all an author has but time and effort in to writing it the least I can do is see it through to the end and in some respects I am glad I did, there was more of a lull in their story than I would have wanted and I think that was because the path was a little too well trodden but Jaxson comes good by the end and that brought a smile to my face.

I think the saving grace for me was the fact that Bristol was willing to take Jaxson on face value almost, that she got to know him for who he was before the rumours could tarnish her opinion of him. He was a good guy at heart, I just think at times he tried a little too hard to be something he really wasn’t.

Together they make a very sweet couple and that made the story worthwhile.


Topic: Intended for Bristol by LP Dover

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