Resist by CD Reiss


Are you shitting me!!! This is just too much.

The agony in this is excruciating – how much can two people take – I’d have crawled into a hole and told the whole world to just Fuck Off by now!

Monica is struggling to comprehend what is going on and she definitely has a feeling that Jonathan is keeping things from her. Jessica has done and real job on them but just how much of what he is claiming can be true?

Both Monica and Jonathan have to lay their hearts bare to each other in this book and we finally get to hear what really happened with Rachel and why Jonathan carries the guilt of those events like a shroud around him. We finally have the opportunity understand him and just how far he is prepared go to do the right thing.

Jonathan has one small problem – Monica is determined that his fight is her fight also and she will do whatever it takes to protect her man.

This book made me smile – because after all this time, I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel – an ending that I felt Jonathan and Monica deserved.

But God Forbid – the ending is just MEGA- I didn’t see it coming and I most certainly don’t want it – please give us book 7 to rectify the situation

Rating 5 out of 5