by Kendall Ryan

The author used this to touch a more than just the run of the mill romance, she interjected a little more into this relationship that just Gavin and Emma!

I liked the fact that the connection was as intense as it was and that it hit the ground running, Emma knew from the outset exactly where that Gavin was on her radar the only question as did Gavin feel the same way?

Initially I wasn’t sure that they were going to on the same page, Gavin is a man that has more than is fair share of skeletons in his closet and he seems determined that will remain where they are but that was going to prove almost impossible.

I liked the twists and turns that the author was able to incorporate it kept the story fresh and interesting but I will admit that there was one particular aspect that I wasn’t sure that I was going to get completely on board with but the author saw me right and while she touched a little on domination and submission and the story was lightly laced with what could easily be perceived as a dark undercurrent, this was a story that thoroughly enjoyed.

With a cliff-hanger of an ending that took me by surprise I was not deterred and I would have to say that this comes highly recommended as does the earlier books in the series.

If you pick this one up and you will not be disappointed.

Topic: DIRTY LITTLE SECRET by Kendall Ryan

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