That's Not My Suitcase by Laina Turner

Now, I read the blurb on this one, I know – not always the best thing to do, but in this case it completely piqued my interest.

Sterling was holidaying solo following a divorce and was desperately seeking new pastures new, so what better than a new location, new friends and new experiences… Well nothing I hear you say and in some respects that is true but not everything goes to plan.

Jetting off, she is so happy that she is finally able to leave all the negativity behind, her ex has moved on and now it is her time to do that too. But when she arrives at her destination and the airline has lost her luggage, things were not off to the most auspicious of starts.

But the fun and games really took off when she got her case back, or what they thought was her case because it contained a tad more than anticipated.

This is a super read for a lazy afternoon on the beach, it is evocative and flighty.

There is an element of mystery around but once the main protagonists are introduced it was fairly self-explanatory as to which way the story was heading but it didn’t detract from the fact that the story was well written.

I think there is enough in the story that might have warranted a second story – the ending was a bit sharp in my opinion and I have a hankering to know what happened after the vacation was over.

Topic: That's Not My Suitcase by Laina Turner

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